Rémy Pujol

Professor Emeritus University of Montpellier, Affiliate Professor University of Washington, Seattle (USA)

Birth date: March 12th 1939                                    Nationality: French

Professional address: Inserm U 583, INM-Hôpital St Eloi, BP 74103,
F 34091 MONTPELLIER Cedex5
E-mail: remy.pujol@umontpellier.fr or  rpujol@uw.edu

Personal address: 45, rue de la République, Florensac, 34510, France / tel. +33 633 238 307

Current position:       Professor Emeritus University of Montpellier
                                  Affiliate Professor. Otolaryngology Department, Univ. of Washington, Seattle USA (2003-current)
French Universitary positions:

                   University Montpellier: Professor of Neurosciences, 1981-2008
                   Université Aix-Marseille I: Professor of Physiology (Neurosciences), 1972-1981
                   University Montpellier: Assistant-Professor, 1963-1971

Others Universitary positions:

                   Visiting Prof. VM Bloedel Hearing Research Center, Seattle, WA (1998, 2001, 2003-2019)
                   Visiting Prof. Bionic Ear Institute, Melbourne (2009 - 2012)
                   Visiting Prof. Kresge Reseach Institute, Ann Arbor, Michigan (1999)
                   Visiting Prof. University of Western Australia, Perth (1986)
                   Visiting Prof. University of Florida, Gainesville (1984)
                   Research Associate, Yale Univ Med School, New Haven, Connecticut (1971-72)

Main Research activities in France:

                   Director: INSERM* Unit 254 "Neurobiologie de l'Audition", Montpellier 1982-2003
                   *Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (French equivalent of NIH or MRC)

Research awards:

                   Copernicus prize (University of Ferrara), 2008 -
                   Gold medal: ENT Spanish Society, (Madrid), 2007
                   Gold medal: Prosper Meniere Society (USA), 1999
                   Grand Award: Recherche Médicale de l'Institut Electricité-Santé, 1992

Key words (research): Physiology of Hearing, Anatomy, physiology et pathophysiology of the Cochlea, Development, degeneration, regeneration of the inner ear, Synapses, Deafness, Tinnitus

Key words (teaching): Neurobiology, Development and Plasticity of the Nervous System, Synapses,Sensory Neurophysiology, Cellular Imaging, e-Learning



More than 180 papers in peer review journals and 35 book chapters

More than 280 abstracts

Multimedia: since 1999, scientific director/editor of a worldwide used EDU website “Promenade around the cochlea”. The new website, "Journey into the World of Hearing" ( www.cochlea.org), is now covering the whole field of Hearing with a  double entry (lay audience/professionals), and quadrilingual (English/French/Spanish/Portuguese). 3 EDU CD-Roms, and 1 VHS video have also been produced.

Selection of recent and characteristic references:

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EINAT SHAPIRA, RÉMY PUJOL, MICHAEL PLAKSIN, EITAN KIMMEL. Sound-induced motility of outer hair cells explained by stochastic resonance in nanometric sensors in the lateral wall. Physics in Medicine 2 (2016) 1-11
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